You Will Never Believe What Trump Said This Time

Donald Trump
Source: Business Insider

The next President might just believe Latinos cannot be judges. Get ready for Donald Trump in the White House. Sounds a bit scary, but it is true based on what he recently told reporters.

Yes, the Republican Party Presidential nominee, says Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a Mexican, who should not be allowed to decide court cases.

Donald Trump has aroused anger from many with his comment that a sitting federal judge, born in Indiana, who happens to have a Spanish surname, is a Mexican. He went on to ask that the judge steps down from hearing an ongoing lawsuit, involving Trump University because being a Mexican makes people biased against “Americans.”

Judge Gonzalo Curiel is presiding over two legal claims filed by former employees of Trump University. According to court paperwork, Trump faces accusations of cheating students out of their money.

During the proceedings, Curiel released documents to the public that made Trump quite upset. It was then that the GOP candidate called Curiel a “hater” and a “Mexican.” Trump explained his comments a few days later. To him, it all makes perfect sense. He plans to build a wall to keep so-called unwanted Mexicans out of the United States; thus, Curiel hates him.

Taken to its logical extreme, Trump might believe anyone of Mexican heritage is unqualified to hold positions of power in America. They cannot be objective apparently!

With the election only a few months away, the nation is very close to having Trump in office as Commander-in-Chief. Only time will tell if the candidate is entirely serious about Latinos being unfit for such jobs as judges.