15 Winners and Losers of 2016

LOSER – President Barack Obama


Source: Business Insider

Although his approval ratings are on the rise, President Obama ends this year as one of our biggest losers.

President Obama made headlines for many good reasons -along with a few not-so-stellar ones- but overall he fought for our country in a fair way. He also fought hard during the Clinton campaign to convince the American people to put their trust in her.

Obama urged voters to let Hillary take the reigns so she could continue the progress our country has made during his tenure. And although his approval rating has been steadily rising, he was unable to pass his popularity onto the party he represented, despite his best efforts.

Trump’s win also signaled that while the country favored Obama they didn’t necessarily approve of his policies, which has cast a large shadow over the final months of his administration. Though many think that Obama’s efforts were noble, it looks like many of his plans, such as the Iran nuclear deal and the Affordable Care Act, will be undone by Trump and the rest of the Republican party.