Why This Senator Called Obama “Drug Dealer In Chief”

Obama Drugs
Source: Red State

Mark Kirk, Republican Senator from Obama’s home state of Illinois shocked a reporter last week when he inferred that President Obama behaved like a thug, paying $400 million in “ransom” to the leaders of the terrorist haven, Iran.

“We can’t have the president of the United States acting like the drug dealer in chief. Giving clean packs of money to a (…) state sponsor of terror,” Mark Kirk.

The “clean packs of money” that Kirk referenced was part of a settlement that released money being held by the US since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

The Obama administration admitted last week that the money was used as leverage to obtain the hostages. Iran was not given the money until after the hostages were safely returned. State Department spokesman, John Kirby said that in fact, the payment was contingent upon the safe release of the prisoners.

“That is the textbook definition of ransom”, said RNC Spokesman, Michael Short.

Kirk was not the only senator to criticise the President’s decision to give in to hostage takers, something all other American leaders have condemned. In January, Senator and then presidential candidate Marco Rubio remarked that the deal puts a price on the head of every American.

The left was angered and confused by Kirk’s “drug dealer” analogy, leaving them to speculate a possible racist bent. It is interesting to note, however, that this is not the first time President Obama was called a “drug dealer.” In 2007, Hillary Clinton campaign chair Billy Shaheen referenced Obama’s purported drug dealing youth.

Senator Kirk, who was named by Politico last year, “the most endangered Republican in the country,” made the remarks while campaigning.  Kirk was the first Republican Senator to refuse to endorse Donald Trump; a move that caused many pundits to scratch their heads. It seemed less than savvy to go against the GOP nominee, already vulnerable and heading into the election term in a heavily blue state.