What Will The Future Of The War On Drugs Look Like


Source: Shutterstock / Couperfield

People of all stripes are asking a question, “Should all drugs be legalized?” For many people, the answer is yes, and some who believe that are not traditional, younger liberals. There are many academic and anecdotal reasons to support the belief that all drugs should be legalized and the money spent for incarcerating those convicted of possession or even low-level dealing should be spent on rehabilitation and jobs training instead.

Before deciding what the likely future of the war on drugs in the United States will look like, it is just as important to see what the attitudes about drugs are now. Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska have voted to make marijuana legal, medical marijuana is legal in at least 20 other states and increasing often. One outcome that lawmakers all across the nation should note after marijuana became legal in Oregon: Tax revenue from legally sold marijuana in 2014 was $70 million for that state alone. Most experts believe that marijuana tax revenue will increase and more jobs will be created when marijuana becomes even more “normalized”.