What The DNC Did To Sabatoge Sanders Campaign

Bernie Sanders
Source: Business Insider

If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, you have every right to be angry and feel violated right now. Emails leaked from the Democratic National Committee have shown that there was an effort in place throughout the primaries to undermine and sabotage the Sanders campaign. Now, as the votes have already been tallied, and Hillary Clinton is now the nominee, there is nothing that can be done. Sanders and his supporters have simply been cheated.

The efforts to undercut his followers continued even at the Democratic National Convention, where delegates who supported Sanders are being denied seating and seeing Clinton supporters being let in before them, according to California delegate Eden McFadden.

Nearly 20,000 emails were posted by WikiLeaks; these were all instances of correspondence between top committee officials. Apparently, Russian hackers had gotten into the system, allowing for the leak. Regardless of how it happened, it let the world know that staff members of the DNC were scheming to undermine the Sanders campaign by making him look like “a mess” to the voters, highlighting a possible lack of religious beliefs, and more.

The DNC has been shown to have broken the terms of its charter by favoring Hillary Clinton as the potential nominee regardless of the popular vote. Instead of being impartial, they did what they could for Clinton. However, Sanders still stands in support of Clinton and does not want everyone to lose sight of the ultimate goal – to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.