Watch Out For “Killary Clinton”

Killary Clinton
Source: Politico

“Killary Clinton” Strikes Again!  This headline, or a headline similar to it is most likely familiar for anyone who has any interest in politics. The term was coined by the group mainly because of the attacks against Benghazi in 2012. The attack left four Americans dead, including a US ambassador. As CNN reported, the then Secretary of State Clinton took full responsibility for the security of diplomates.

“Killary” is everywhere on the internet, including a Facebook page. The three high school honor students in Ohio who created the PAC (Political Action Committee) sure thought it was a great name, back in December 2015.

Most recently, John Ashe, a former President of the United Nations General Assembly was all set to testify against Clinton in a corruption case. Suddenly he dies from heart failure. The local police in Dobbs Ferry, New York did not like that conclusion. Apparently they were thinking it wasn’t believable, so instead they claimed that he had a workout accident.

The mysterious deaths connected to “Killary” goes well beyond this decade. As reported by The Lid, even friends of the Clintons have unfortunate luck. Mary Mahoney, a former White House intern poised to go public with claims of sexual harassment, was shot five times in July 1997, making many wonder if Mary stumbled onto something she shouldn’t have.  The Political Insider also found that one of the Clinton’s chefs, Walter Scheib went mysteriously missing on a hike.  His death date was listed as June 13, 2015. Perhaps the poor chef also foudn out something sinister.

Moral of the story: skeptic or not, be careful around the Clintons.