These Are The 15 Stupidest Laws That Exist Around The World

Dumb Laws
Source: Comedy Central

Most laws are made to protect its citizens, but some laws are so dumb that someone, somewhere, must have made a group of people mad enough that they enacted a law to stop them from doing it. Some of the laws will make you laugh, others are super weird, and then there are laws that will make you wonder.

Here are some big government laws made for small brains.

No Farting
No Farting

Source: Cosmopolitan

In Florida, it’s illegal to fart in public after 6PM on a Thursday.

Most people in Florida are asleep after 6PM so we’re not sure why it’s illegal.

Divorce Is Illegal


Source: Huffington Post

The Philippines and The Vatican ban divorce.

Divorce is everywhere, but The Vatican and the Philippines make it illegal to divorce. They still believe that divorce is a sin, and made sure to outlaw it so no one can get divorced.

No Skydiving For Widows


Source: My Plastic Surgeon

Florida does not allow divorced or widowed women to skydive on Sunday afternoon.

Every other day is fine, but they just don’t want them to do it on a Sunday.

You Can’t Change A Lightbulb

Light Bulb

Source: Beneva Slutions Blog

How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

In Victoria, Australia, it is illegal to change your own light bulb without a license. An electrician license to be exact.

Royal Pet Blood

Royal Dog

Source: CBC

England won’t allow a peasant dog to mate with a royal dog.

If your dog gets a little too friendly with any of the Queen’s corgis, you could end up in jail. Your pet is not allowed to mate with the pet from the royal house.

Walk Your Dog

Dog Walking

Source: Best Bully Sticks

You must walk your dog three times a day in Turin, Italy.

The Turin government is very strict on pet laws.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Source: VGstockstudio

In Samoa, it’s illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.

This is probably overkill, but at least they want to you care about your wife’s birthday.

Your Pet Pig Can’t Be Napoleon


Source: Igor Stramyk

It is illegal to name pigs after Napoleon.

Napoleon was a great leader and helped the French expand their rule. So naturally, the French people don’t want you to make fun of him by naming a pig after the French ruler.

Don’t Stomp On Money

Thai Money

Source: themorningglory

Stepping on currency with the King of Thailand’s face is punishable.

It’s an offense to the King of Thailand to place your foot on his face. Don’t get thrown into the slammer by walking over currency. What are you doing walking on money anyway?

No Flushing


Source: Sergey Yechikov

In Switzerland, you are not allowed to flush the toilet after 10 PM.

You better hope you don’t have the runs or food poisoning at night.

Pay For Your Wife’s Actions

Wife Crimes

Source: bikeriderlondon

If your wife commits a crime you’re responsible for her actions.

Husbands are responsible for their wives’ actions in Utah. The only stipulation is that you have to be with her at the time of her actions. Make sure to keep your wife in line.

It’s Illegal To Marry Someone More Than 3 Times


Source: bedya

You can’t marry the same person three times.

In Kentucky, a woman cannot remarry the same man more than three times. Transgender people may be the only loophole to this law.

No Honking


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You can only honk if it’s an emergency.

New York City is trying to cut down on noise but making it a crime for honking. You can be given a $350 fine if you’re caught honking in the Big Apple.

No Talking Dirty

No Talking Dirty

Source: gpointstudio

In Oregon, it’s illegal to talk dirty in the act.

Not sure who or when someone would get caught breaking this law, but Oregon doesn’t like it when you say naughty things while you’re in the act.

No Take-Backs


Source: Syda Productions

You can’t propose in South Carolina if you don’t mean it.

Someone must have gone through an elaborate proposal prank because they got a law passed to make it illegal to propose unless you really mean it.

Walk The Plank


Source: The Dungeons

In England, it’s illegal to carry a plank of wood on the pavement.

Thanks to a law that could fine you £500 for carrying a plank across the pavement. Someone must have turned around while walking with a wooden board and smacked someone in the face to have this law made.