The Trump Campaign Suffers A Devastating Blow Only 18 Days Before The Election


Source: The New York Post

Many people have speculated on the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president. A lot of individuals do not think he is qualified and did they afraid of what would happen if he became president. However, they are in luck, as the national political director for his campaign has made a somewhat surprising decision.

Jim Murphy, who has lots of experience in politics, has been said to be “conspicuously absent in recent days.” Three different sources have stated that Murphy decided to step back from the campaign “for personal reasons.” This is not good news for Trump, as it is happening just 18 days before the election. However, this is not a sudden development, as many Trump aides have stated that Murphy has been noticeably absent recently in Trump’s campaign.

Murphy has played a rather significant role in the Trump election period since he became a part of it in June, as he has set up many field programs in battleground states and became a central point person between the Republican National Committee and top campaign officials who work for Donald Trump.

A win for Donald Trump appears less and less likely. Even before this happened, Trump was losing ground in the polls, both because of the recent sexual allegations by many women and his performance in the final presidential debate, where Hillary Clinton had a strong win.

People who follow Trump, both supporters and protesters, are left to wonder exactly why Murphy will no longer be central to the campaign, considering that he did not elaborate on the personal reasons that he cited.