The One Tweet Trump Should Have Deleted Before the Debate

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According to presidential candidate Donald Trump, global warming is really a ploy by the Chinese government to hurt American economic interests. This was the claim that Mr. Trump tweeted out on social media a number of months ago, and it would come back to haunt him during the first presidential debate.

During their first debate, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump took to the stage to answer questions about how they would run this country, given the opportunity. Neither candidate hesitated to take a jab at the other.

When Presidential candidate Donald Trump was confronted with his statement that he made about global warming on social media, he vehemently denied that he ever said anything of the like. According to his contradicting Twitter account, Trump stated that global warming was a ploy and conspiracy by the Chinese and that it didn’t actually exist. The tweet verbatim was The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”. Unfortunately for him, the internet never forgets and Trump was bombarded with the evidence of his statement after the debate.

It goes without saying that the presidential candidates in this race are the most talked about, most watched, and most controversial candidates the country has seen in a while. The election is around the corner and only time will tell who will prevail as the winner.