10 Signs That US Infrastructure Is A Disaster

Source: American Infrastructure Report Card

The American Society of Civil Engineers have noticed what we all seem to ignore, that America isn’t the greatest country in the world. Our infrastructure is horrible. The road you drive on, the pipes you get water from, the energy that powers your computer, they’re all falling apart because of the government. If changes are made in the next few years, the economy could go belly up.

1. Energy


Source: Inhabitat

Aging and unreliable infrastructure will increase costs.

Costs for repairs will increase $1.2 trillion for businesses and $611 billion for residential and blackouts are going to become more common.

  • Loss in total trade due to energy problems $1.1 trillion
  • Cost 3.5 million jobs in the past few years



Source: CBS News

1/9 of bridges have been rated as structurally deficient.

Many bridges need maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

  • 600,000 bridges have structural problems or obsolete designs
  • Majority of bridges build to last 50 years, the average bridge today is 45 years old



Source: Flickr Jon Ranger

1/6 damns are “high hazard.”

Out of the 84,000 dam in the United States, 14,000 are structurally deficient.

  • It would cost $21 billion to fix these aging dams
  • Engineers are warning the government to invest $3.3 trillion in projects but only half of that are being met



Source: CBN Compass

Not enough roads and one-third need maintenance

42% of roads congested and 32% are in poor or mediocre condition.

  • Lack of rural access to transportation of goods for agriculture is hemorrhaging¬†the economy
  • The Federal Highway Administration estimates $170 billion is needed to significantly improve conditions

Public Transportation


Source: New Yorker

Less than half of the population drives cars but there isn’t enough public transportation.

45% of households lack public transportation

  • 700,000 residents around the world have lost access to air, bus, ferry, or railroads
  • Majority of facilities fail to keep their fleets in good condition



Source: Fox Business

Old water mains and pipes cost millions to fix.

240,000 water main breaks in the United States every year.

  • Most pipelines were installed after WWII and at the end of their useful life
  • Cost of repairing old water pipes will increase exponentially with the old sewage lines



Source: AARP

Airport congestion and delays will cost billions.

The Federal Aviation Administration stated that the cost of delays and air flight congestion will double from $34 billion to $63 billion in 2040.

  • The cost to keep up with the increase air traffic would cost $32 billion to accommodate while maintaining safety
  • Shipping costs will rise as airports become more congested and will ruin our economy



Source: Core 77

Locks and dams have experienced more service problems and caused delays costing millions.

90% of locks and dams have unscheduled delays or service interruption since 2009.

  • Barges and cargo ships can be stopped for hours driving up the prices of goods
  • More than 95% of overseas trade is moved through ports



Source: WTOP

Congested rail lines cost America billions every year.

The cost of delays or congested railways is over $200 billion every year.

  • To keep up with economic growth railroad transportation needs to increase by 22% by 2035



Source: Tarleton

Cuts to education despite increased knowledge of the decline of the children’s education is the government’s fault.

  • National spending on school construction declined to only $10 billion
  • At least $127 billion is needed to bring the nation’s schools up to good operating condition