10 Reasons Why Holding The Olympics In Rio Was A Bad Idea

Rio Olympics
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2016 Rio Olympics is just around the corner, but Rio de Janiero looks nowhere near where it should be. Collapsing structures, sewage in the waters, and human remains are just a few things that are making the news just days before the Olympics start. Many athletes are questioning whether Rio was ready to hold a sporting even as large as the Olympics. If you’re worried how the Olympics will turn out, you should be. Here are reasons why holding the Olympics in Rio was a bad idea.

The Zika Virus

Rio Olympics Zika Virus

Source: Chicago Tribune

Zika virus was first detected in Brazil and took hold of Rio in 2015.

Although the World Health Organization has said, there is a “very low risk” of the spread of Zika virus protesters all over Rio have been warning foreigners of other infectious diseases like dengue, chikungunya.

Human Body Parts

Rio Olympics Body Parts

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36 days before the Rio Olympics started, human body parts washed up shore in front of the Olympic Beach Volleyball Arena.

A dismembered foot and another body part was found of a woman right on the banks of the Olympic arena.

People Were Evicted
Rio Olympics Evicted

Source: NY Times

Over 77,000 people were evicted from their homes.

Many low-income citizens have been arrested for keeping the streets clean. What’s worse, many people were kicked out of their homes to tear down an area for the Olympics to even be held.

Dangerous City

Rio Olympics Dangerous City

Source: Lanacion

Often unsafe to travel except when the military police, en masse, are walking the streets.

Many members of law enforcement are protesting over unpaid wages. If there aren’t any police to keep the peace before millions of people pour into the city chaos is bound to surge.

Lack Of Hospitals

Rio Olympics Hospitals

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Graffiti signs have littered the cities saying “Welcome, we don’t have hospitals.”

There was already a lack of medical care within the city, although the Olympic athletes will have their medical teams on standby, anyone who is injured in Rio may not be able to get treated. With no police and no medical care, you may be scared even to enter the city.

Water Pollution

Rio Olympics Water Pollution

Source: Business Insider

Dirty water in the sailing venue could ruin the water sports.

The amount of raw sewage in the waters of Olympics is a cause of concern for athletes. Athletes swimming and boating in Rio’s waters are at risk of becoming seriously ill if they get any polluted water into any opens in their skin or mouth.

Transportation Is A Mess

Rio Olympics Transportation

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The new subway expansion made for the Olympics isn’t even close to being done.

The subway expansion meant to transport passengers from Ipanema Beach to the Olympic Park, and Village hasn’t been finished. Without the expansion, visitors will have to travel an hour through the mountains or use a bus system to get to the Olympic games, and the roads are already overcrowded.

Public Calamity

Rio Olympics Public Calamity

Source: NY Times

The state government declared a state of “public calamity.”

Government officials are reporting that there was going to be a “total collapse in public safety, health, education, transport, and environmental management.” The Brazilian government has been in a two-year recession and protests everywhere have broken out about how the government has been misusing the funds.

Poorly Built Olympic Structures

Rio Olympics Construction

Source: RT

Two people are no longer living because of a poorly constructed bike lane.

After pouring billions of dollars into new transit, housing, and development programs, two people lost their lives when a poorly constructed bike lane collapsed. Eleven workers passed during construction, and eight people passed during the building for the 2014 World Cup.

Rio Bailout

Rio Olympics Hospitals (1)

Source: Sporting News

The state declared an official emergency and requested a federal bailout because of the Olympics.

The Olympic Games costs are funded by the city of Rio de Janiero. And they have been diverting money to the Olympics when their financial infrastructure is already getting scraps from the government.