• Chaffetz Leads House Probe Hillary Clinton

    Even though he agreed with Bill O’Reilly that an investigation would serve little purpose, Jason Chaffetz, Republican United States congressman from Utah is planning to launch an investigation about whether Hillary Clinton lied about her use of email when she testified to Congress. Although the FBI has apparently cleared Clinton, Chaffetz and his allies in the House seem to think that the right questions were not asked. The questions that would prove she is a liar.

  • Behold the Donald Trump Donut

    With the presidential election coming up, many people are showing their support for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. While some are showing support for Donald Trump by attending rallies and putting up signs, others are choosing to demonstrate their support in non-traditional ways. Many people have been surprised and shocked about rumors of a Donald Trump donut. While such stories may sound surreal, they are 100 percent real.

  • Donald Trump: Do His Successes Outweigh His Failures?

    Whether it’s building a wall on the border with Mexico, or banning certain religious groups from entering the U.S., Donald Trump knows how to inflame American political discourse. The Donald often attributes his greatness, and his presidential credentials, to his financial successes. However, many question his so-called credibility, citing that his failures far outweigh his triumphs.

  • Watch Out For “Killary Clinton”

    “Killary Clinton” Strikes Again! This headline, or a headline similar to it is most likely familiar for anyone who has any interest in politics. The term was coined by the group mainly because of the attacks against Benghazi in 2012. The attack left four Americans dead, including a US ambassador. As CNN reported, the then Secretary of State Clinton took full responsibility for the security of diplomates.

  • Melania Exposed: 20 Facts And Photos

    You might not think much about Melania Trump, but there’s more to Melania than what meets the eye. Even though a lot of people think Melania Trump is just a beautiful face, she has a lot to offer beyond her looks.

  • These Are The 15 Stupidest Laws That Exist Around The World

    Most laws are made to protect its citizens, but some laws are so dumb that someone, somewhere, must have made a group of people mad enough that they enacted a law to stop them from doing it. Some of the laws will make you laugh, others are super weird, and then there are laws that will make you wonder.

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