How Hillary Clinton Ruined The Life Of A 12-Year-Old Rape Victim

Hillary Clinton
Source: Mises

Hillary Clinton, a candidate for president of the United States, has often depicted herself as a defender of women and girls and, at one time, posted on her campaign website that women who claim to have been raped have the right to be believed and supported. Kathy Shelton, who was violated at the age of 12 so viciously that she was rendered unable to have children and psychologically unable to have normal relationships with men, disputes Clinton’s honesty.

On May 10, 1975, Shelton was taken to an out of the way place near her home in Arkansas by Thomas Alfred Taylor and an unidentified 15-year-old, where they raped her. Taylor’s case was taken up by then Hillary Rodham, who was working for a legal aid clinic she had founded to help the indigent who faced criminal prosecution. She managed to get the forensic evidence thrown out and was able to impeach Shelton’s character as someone who “fantasized” about having sex with older men. The charge was pled down from rape to unlawful fondling of a child, and Taylor served just a year.

Recently a series of interview tapes from the early 1980s surfaced, in which Hillary Clinton indicated that she knew Taylor was guilty, and she laughed at her acumen in getting him off.

At the beginning of 2016, the section about how women who have been raped need to be believed and supported was quietly expunged from Clinton’s website.