• 20 Things Donald Trump Wants To Keep From The Public About His Other Daughter… Tiffany

    Source: News When we think of Trump’s family, all of us are now familiar with his youngest son, Barron, and of course his daughter, Ivanka. But did you know he has another daughter, 23-year-old Tiffany, from his relationship with Marla Maples? We never hear much about Tiffany and that is slightly odd, right? Click next for some facts about Tiffany that […]

  • 13 Intense Would You Rather Questions

    Would You Rather questions are a fun and exciting way to learn hard truths about your friends and yourself. Sometimes, the questions are so hard they can keep you thinking for days. Join us as we run down 13 Would You Rather questions that are sure to boggle your mind.

  • 22 Celebrity Voting Selfies And Who They Voted For

    There’s only a few more days before the polls finally close and the next President of the United States is announced, but some celebrities have already hit the polls and showing off their “I voted” stickers.

  • 78 Photos Political Leaders Don’t Want You To See

    Donald Trump might not be the most classically photogenic person ever to run for president, yet somehow every photo of him is pure gold — comedic gold, that is! Check out these perfectly timed photos of Donald Trump at the peak of his Trumpness.

  • Best Presidential Debate Moments

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been looked at with a microscope and every word they say have been analyzed, fact checked, and verified. Here are some of the best moments from the debates that highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Behold the Donald Trump Donut

    With the presidential election coming up, many people are showing their support for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. While some are showing support for Donald Trump by attending rallies and putting up signs, others are choosing to demonstrate their support in non-traditional ways. Many people have been surprised and shocked about rumors of a Donald Trump donut. While such stories may sound surreal, they are 100 percent real.

  • Watch Out For “Killary Clinton”

    “Killary Clinton” Strikes Again! This headline, or a headline similar to it is most likely familiar for anyone who has any interest in politics. The term was coined by the group mainly because of the attacks against Benghazi in 2012. The attack left four Americans dead, including a US ambassador. As CNN reported, the then Secretary of State Clinton took full responsibility for the security of diplomates.

  • These Are The 15 Stupidest Laws That Exist Around The World

    Most laws are made to protect its citizens, but some laws are so dumb that someone, somewhere, must have made a group of people mad enough that they enacted a law to stop them from doing it. Some of the laws will make you laugh, others are super weird, and then there are laws that will make you wonder.