• Is Venezuela On the Verge of Civil War?

    Venezuela, the South American nation that has suffered most from the oil crash and the socialist policies of its corrupt government, continues to descend into violence, scarcity and despair. Forced labor camps were legalized by the government by decree on July 22nd, a move that deepened societal divides. As a Time Magazine headline from August 9th, 2016 declares, we are “witnessing a complete collapse of Venezuelan society.” With widespread dissatisfaction in a the socialist government and rifts beginning to form between the President and the military, experts are increasingly warning of the possibility of civil war.

  • 10 Signs That US Infrastructure Is A Disaster

    The American Society of Civil Engineers have noticed what we all seem to ignore, that America isn’t the greatest country in the world. Our infrastructure is horrible. The road you drive on, the pipes you get water from, the energy that powers your computer, they’re all falling apart because of the government. If changes are made in the next few years, the economy could go belly up.

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