• Photos Hillary Tried To Keep Off The Record

      Politicians are held to a much higher standard than everyone else. Many were elected to lead because they uphold the values and morals and are supposed to have our best interests in mind. But just like every other human being, they have slip ups or are caught in very compromising positions. Most of the […]

  • Is Venezuela On the Verge of Civil War?

    Venezuela, the South American nation that has suffered most from the oil crash and the socialist policies of its corrupt government, continues to descend into violence, scarcity and despair. Forced labor camps were legalized by the government by decree on July 22nd, a move that deepened societal divides. As a Time Magazine headline from August 9th, 2016 declares, we are “witnessing a complete collapse of Venezuelan society.” With widespread dissatisfaction in a the socialist government and rifts beginning to form between the President and the military, experts are increasingly warning of the possibility of civil war.

  • What The DNC Did To Sabatoge Sanders Campaign

    If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, you have every right to be angry and feel violated right now. Emails leaked from the Democratic National Committee have shown that there was an effort in place throughout the primaries to undermine and sabotage the Sanders campaign. Now, as the votes have already been tallied, and Hillary Clinton is now the nominee, there is nothing that can be done. Sanders and his supporters have simply been cheated.

  • Behold the Donald Trump Donut

    With the presidential election coming up, many people are showing their support for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. While some are showing support for Donald Trump by attending rallies and putting up signs, others are choosing to demonstrate their support in non-traditional ways. Many people have been surprised and shocked about rumors of a Donald Trump donut. While such stories may sound surreal, they are 100 percent real.

  • Watch Out For “Killary Clinton”

    “Killary Clinton” Strikes Again! This headline, or a headline similar to it is most likely familiar for anyone who has any interest in politics. The term was coined by the group mainly because of the attacks against Benghazi in 2012. The attack left four Americans dead, including a US ambassador. As CNN reported, the then Secretary of State Clinton took full responsibility for the security of diplomates.

  • Melania Exposed: 20 Facts And Photos

    You might not think much about Melania Trump, but there’s more to Melania than what meets the eye. Even though a lot of people think Melania Trump is just a beautiful face, she has a lot to offer beyond her looks.

  • These Are The 15 Stupidest Laws That Exist Around The World

    Most laws are made to protect its citizens, but some laws are so dumb that someone, somewhere, must have made a group of people mad enough that they enacted a law to stop them from doing it. Some of the laws will make you laugh, others are super weird, and then there are laws that will make you wonder.

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