Behold the Donald Trump Donut

Donald Trump Donut

Source: Instagram @Doughnut Time

With the presidential election coming up, many people are showing their support for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. While some are showing support for Donald Trump by attending rallies and putting up signs, others are choosing to demonstrate their support in non-traditional ways. Many people have been surprised and shocked about rumors of a Donald Trump donut. While such stories may sound surreal, they are 100 percent real.

Recently, an Australian doughnut chain has created the Donald Trump donut for the entire world to behold and enjoy. The donut is playfully called the “Hair Dependence Day” doughnut by the Australian doughnut chain.

The “Hair Dependence Day” donut is glazed and filled with peanut butter and jelly. To recreate the hair of the man who inspired the doughnut the creation is topped with a fairy floss toupée by the Doughnut Time.

The Doughnut Time made the doughnut available on July 4 in Australia. The doughnut was only available for one day. The Doughnut Time posted the following post-Facebook:

Celebrate ‘Hair Dependence Day’ tomorrow with our limited edition #trumpedup creation, filled with PB&J and topped with a fairy floss toupée. Only available for the 4th of July, nationwide!

While Donald Trump may cease to have his vodka brand or steak company, he still has doughnuts made in his likeness. The Doughnut Time of Australia is not the only chain to make donuts inspired by Trump. The Cinnamon Snail from New York has also created donuts featuring the face of the Republican politician.